KC Tour Services Terms and Conditions of Service

This is the fine print we include with all of our quotes and invoices:

By paying any of an invoice, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the terms below, approve everything listed in the quote PDF to be put into motion, and agree to pay the invoice in full as agreed upon.

Invoice and Terms Approval

KC Tour Services reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

It is the Client’s responsibility to review the accuracy of all requested service information prior to paying the invoice.

It is the Client’s responsibility to provide all information related to time and location of events.

KC Tour Services is not to be held responsible for any delays from the Client sending proper information as needed to fulfill the proper service.

Rush service (service requested in less than 7 days) may include an extra fee in order to accommodate the client. Cost of additional fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on any prior commitments.

Standard Order of Communication: KC Tour Services workers may send you communication via text, social media platforms (if that was a main communication medium for your request), phone call, and/or email at any time (with email being the preferable method). Your attentive response might be needed, so please keep an eye out for any messages from them.

Rush Service Communication: If you have a rush service request, KC Tour Services will need quick communication from you at any time, any day. On occasion, KC Tour services may need an answer from you between 8 PM – 5 AM. Please consider putting our number on an emergency override list on your phone during the duration of your service.


All of KC Tour Service's invoicing & payments are processed through Stripe. Stripe accepts many forms of payment without needing to create an account.

KC Tour Service also accepts cash and through other electronic payment methods such as Venmo (@KCTourServices) and Cash App ($KCTourServices).

Services will be considered contracted and in process when cash is received or payment is received electronically via Stripe, Venmo, or Cash App (whether deposit or full payment)

Upload Image/Video Terms

Images and/or video by KC Tour services will be used by KC Tour Services for it's website and Social Media platform for promotional use at it's own discretion. If you are not comfortable with a particular image and/or video being advertised, KC Tour Services will do our best to accommodate such requests.

Limit on Certain Images

The following is a short descriptive list of types of images that we will not photograph or film as KC Tour Services.

-Anything that can be deemed as pornographic.

-Anything that can be deemed as prejudicial/bigoted including but not limited to racism.

-Anything that supports any type of manipulation/abuse.

More specifically: Anything that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t overly graphic. Some of these forms of content may be arguable, but ultimately KC Tour Services has the right to refuse any service for any reason they deem appropriate.

Invoice Approval and Submission

Client will receive an invoice from KC Tour Services. This invoice will need written Client approval (preferably via email with verbiage signaling an approval) in order to continue in the contract process.

We have a system of adjusting invoice details after contract has been fulfilled based on circumstances in real-time while under contract that may not be covered in the original agreement.

Completion of an Order

Once a contract has been completed, KC Tour Services will attempt to provide photos within a turnaround time of 72 hours from the time the images are captured (although this can take longer due to extenuating circumstances). Videos (depending on length and detail of editing) will be provided to the client within (But not limited to) 7 days of capturing footage.

Net Accounts

A Net Account is a house account in which Client’s invoices are billed with a payment due date a specific number of days past expected completion of Client’s order. Client has up to that number of days from the expected completion date to pay the invoice in full. There are some steps involved with this option, so if the Client does decide to go with the house account, they will need to schedule enough time to fill out the necessary forms and do a credit check.

If Client has applied for a Net Account, and is using it for this order, an attached document must be signed to give full approval of the order, and place the order into production.

KC Tour Services will send an invoice along with a request for payment with an exact due date for full payment.

Returns & Claims

All claims of unsatisfactory content will be considered within 72 hours of delivery. Client must contact KC Tour Services via email to begin resolving any issues, not a claim through any financial institution, nor Stripe, as it not only complicates the entire process, but it slows the resolution. For example, KC Tour Services typically tries to resolve (or at least have a plan) for any unsatisfactory products within 1 working week of the original issuance (typically faster), but opening a claim could force the entire process to draw out to 75 days. So please, if you want quick resolution, communicate with KC Tour services, and let's get this figured out together quickly, and easily. If for any reason you do not hear from KC Tour Services within 1 working week of your initial outreach, then it would be appropriate to scale up the complaint to a "claim" through your financial institution.

Confidentiality, Copyright, Photos, and Social Media

Pricing Confidentiality: Quotes and pricing terms are negotiated between Client and KC Tour Services and may be unique to the Client. Therefore, and except as otherwise provided by law, Client hereby agrees to keep the pricing arrangement confidential for a period of no less than one (1) year from the date of the signed quote. Client will not use this Confidential Information in furtherance of its business, or the business of anyone else, whether or not in competition with KC Tour Services. (This specific point is in action as soon as Client receives a quote from KC Tour Services, regardless of whether or not Client decides to pursue service from KC Tour Services).

Client gives permission to KC Tour Services to take photos/videos of people, places, and things associated with them with the KC Tour Services watermark (including but not limited to printouts and social media). {If Client has any specific release date for their product and wishes KC Tour Services to withhold revealing photo/video content of client, Client needs to notify KC Tour Services prior to paying any part of the invoice. Notifying KC Tour Services can best be done by email to the main business email.

After paying any part of the invoice, any official images/mockups KC Tour Services sends including the KC Tour Services watermark may be used by the Client. (Image MUST include watermark unless written consent is given from KC Tour Services).

KC Tour Services is allowed to print images from any order for promotional purposes, or to give to employees for personal use unless Client clearly expresses via written communication for this not to be done with their products.


Once an agreed upon deposit or full payment has been received, all service contracts have a 24 hour cancellation window during which the contract can be stopped (unless cancellation is due to an extenuating circumstance by either the client or KC Tour Services within a week before contract start date. In addition, Rush service is also exempt for the 24 hour cancellation window).

Forfeit of Funds

In a situation where Client requests a hold on services for whatever reason, and does not request a refund, Client acknowledges that a forfeit of those funds will go to the Company after thirty (30) days from original contract start date. This would then resolve the order in its entirety, meaning that the Client cannot "pick up where we left off", but instead would need to create a service request.

Email Subscription

Payment of any invoice with KC Tour Services is an acknowledgement from Client to add Client's email address to KC Tour Services email list.

By paying any of an invoice, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the terms above, approve everything listed above to be put into contracted service, and agree to pay the invoice in full as agreed upon.

Last updated 8/8/2023 - Everything described above is subject to change over time as needed.