For live photos, we specialize in Vintage, disposable camera style shots with high contrast between the subject and the background, complete with a timestamp.

For Promotional Photos, we specialize in clean and dramatic portraits of individual and group shots with the creative freedom to express your own aesthetic.

LIVE PHOTOS: $50 per set (30+ photos)
LIVE RAW VIDEO: $50 per set (30 minutes or less)
PROMOS: $100 per Session (40+ Photos)
(40+ photos w/video, 70+ photos w/Live Photos)
*custom tour rates available*

*Does not include Travel expenses if location is outside of Tampa Bay Area*


Unloading your gear, performing on stage, and then reloading all of your gear can be an exhausting event.

Driving to your next destination, whether its a nearby spot to stay for the night or driving overnight to the next city while tired can be a risky choice.

That is why we offer driving services for touring musicians who want to spend more time focusing on their performance, getting proper rest, and less time worrying about the route to their next destination.

KC Touring Services will ensure safety and punctuality to your next event by planning routes ahead of time that will take the least amount of time and fuel.

$15 PER HOUR between 6am - 11pm
$17 PER HOUR between 11pm - 6am
*Flat day rates available for tours 3+ days*

*Cost of rental, repair, maintenance, insurance for vehicle, tolls, transportation to starting tour destination and cost of transportation home from tour ending destination, and other highway fee's not included*

Clothing: Flowers & Bones


Merchandise sales are the primary source of income for bands of all sizes while on the road. Therefore it is crucial that your advertisement of what you sell looks inviting and professional as well as having someone available to take an order whenever a customer comes to the table. K touring services offers a dedicated sales rep who will set up your merchandise stand, count quantity, maximize your sales margins, and create a pleasant customer experience for your fans.

10% of any merchandise sales on tour
100% of all tips given at the table

*Does not include Travel expenses if location is outside of Tampa Bay Area*



For almost an entire decade, Kyle has been involved in the music industry in almost every opportunity imaginable..

After booking his first show in 2013 at a local bar in New Port Richey, Kyle knew he wanted to spend every opportunity possible helping bands succeed in any way he could.

A year later in 2014, he joined local post-hardcore band Richard Cory as their vocalist until 2023.

In 2018, Kyle founded and operated The Rebel Base, a DIY venue located in Odessa, FL until Covid-19 forced all public venues to close in 2020.

In the summer of 2019, Kyle went on his first tour as a fill in drummer for the farewell tour of south Florida rock band Beggars.

From 2020 - 2023 Kyle Became a sales rep for Convicted Printing, a local screen printing and embroidery company that provides merch for bands across the country while aiding the fight against human trafficking.

In 2022 Kyle received his first DSLR camera and began experimenting with photography, videography, branding, graphic design, and content creation.

In 2023, Kyle founded KC Tour Services, a one-stop-ride-along for bands who want to focus more on their performances on stage and less time worrying about merch sales, content creating, and driving long distances in between shows.

Over the years, Kyle has accumulated experience and skills that can be utilized to maximize your bands success.




"Kyle helped with not only photography, but merch services, helping load gear, and drove when we needed him to- all around great help to have with you on tour, and such a good friend to top it off!"


Vocalist of Illuminate Me

"Having Kyle on tour with us was just what we needed!

He ran our merch table, used his photography skills and took pictures for the bands, and just was extremely helpful all around."


Vocalist of Spider Inside Her

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